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So you're here. You love wrestling, just like me. What this about? While I've always done the "standard collecting" (8 x10's, magazines) I have become fascinated with the idea of "bigger" items in recent years.

The main catalyst for this was a place called the Pro Wrestling World Museum in Allentown, PA. It was a treasure trove of wrestling items and heaven for wrestling fans. I also visit (sometimes still do) a store called Adventure Land in NJ for autograph signings. They have their own display from guests they've had in the store.

Finally, in 2015 I started my own "Wrestling Wall" in my basement with some of my favorite signed photos. Fast forward to January 2018 when I learned Pro Wrestling World was closing. the one bright spot was you could fill out a "request form" and have the opportunity to buy items for yourself. I'm happy to say I got a few items I always admired and they formed the basis for my own "museum".

Since I now had a showcase, I then took it to the next level. While not the size of an actual museum I began adding items like classic signed magazines and finally the ring/TV worn pieces. Many pieces like that do not see the light of day except for special circumstances once they are in the hands of private collectors. What fun is that? So here is my personal collection for all wrestling fans to see. Be sure to check out the "updates" tab to see the latest additions to the museum. Enjoy!

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