The Bella Twins

Often overlooked as "eye candy" no one could have predicted the impact the Bella Twins would have when Brie debuted on Smackdown in 2008. 

When Brie initially debuted it was "alone". During matches when at a disadvantage she would go under the ring and appear to come out fresh. It was revealed a few weeks later that it was her twin sister Nikki who was under the ring and they had been switching places. This would start their signature "twin magic". By the early 2010s, the twins would start making their mark as wrestlers with both winning the WWE Divas Championship.


In 2013 Nikki & Brie began starring a reality show that would change wrestling viewership dramatically. With the debut of Total Divas which followed the lives of the female superstars outside of the ring, female viewers who never saw wrestling before became introduced to the product. Many of these viewers became fans of WWE diversifying what had been a predominantly male audience for years. The show was so popular it resulted in the twins getting a spin-off Total Bellas. On the wrestling side, the twins would establish their own identities and looks with Brie being shown an environmentalist with a "Brie mode" wild side and Nikki with her trademark "Fearless" look. When the female wrestlers finally got their own pay-per-view Evolution in 2018  it was Nikki (with Brie in her corner) chosen to headline against Ronda Rousey. Earlier that weekend the twins also showcased the special relationship they have with their fans (dubbed "the Bella Army") by holding a rally for them. In March of 2019, both Nikki and Brie retired as active competitors, but their influence continues to be felt.

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