World Class Championship Wrestling

Before the WWF started making waves in the mid-'80s, another promotion out of Texas was making a name for itself. World Class Championship Wrestling would excite fans in the region with hard-hitting action led by hometown heroes The Von Erichs. The Von Erichs would often engage in exciting title bouts with the NWA Champion at the time first Harley Race, then Ric Flair. Kerry would win the title from Flair for a brief time in 1984.



In 1982 the promotion would be changed forever with the introduction of The Fabulous Freebirds of Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts. Initially, crowd favorites, a famous angle where The 'Birds turned on Kerry

during a cage match with Flair ignited a violent feud that would go on and off with various wrestlers taking sides until 1988 when Gordy would leave the promotion for good and Hayes, now a fan favorite would feud with the Samoan Swat Team led by Roberts.



Other famous feuds in the area pitted David Von Erich against Jimmy Garvin and Kevin & Kerry Von Erich against "The Dynamic Duo" of Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez. "General" Skandor Akbar's "Devastation Inc." would also wreak havoc over the years right up until the promotion's demise. World Class would also gain great exposure through the expansion of cable television and revolutionary production techniques. While many associate World Class with tragedy, that should never overshadow its legacy and the enjoyment it brought to fans not only in Texas but around the world. To hear a first-hand account of the action in World Class we recommend signing up for BookingThe Territory's patreon page where you can hear Mike Mills and longtime fan Lance Peterson on the "World Class Cast" podcast.

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