The Four Horsemen

There have been many stables and supergroups in pro wrestling. However, The Four Horsemen brought the idea to a new level. Starting in 1986 when Ric Flair joined forces with his "cousins" Ole & Arn Anderson along with Tully Blanchard managed by James J. Dillon, the group was the focal point of the Jim Crockett NWA during its initial run.  Involved in too many angles to mention highlights include following Dusty Rhodes in a car to ultimately beat him up in a parking lot, Lex Luger's intro (ultimately Ole Anderson's exit) to the group and Barry Windham's shocking heel turn to form what many consider to be the best version of the unit. This version is best known for every member being a champion at the same team. Ric Flair the World Champion, Barry Windham the U.S. Champion, and the combination of Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson holding the World Tag Team Title. A disagreement with the promotion led to Tully & Arn leaving and dropping the titles to The Midnight Express of Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane. While Flair, Windham, & Dillon would continue on into January 1989 (even adding Kendall Windham for a short time) this would effectively end the group's glory days. This is the time period represented here. Due to space constraints, these items were not able to fit into a single display but are presented together for viewing purposes.

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