When "The Princess of Staten Island" debuted in a segment with Enzo Amore & Big Cass in NXT  few would have guessed what was to follow. Initially adding special energy to the group accompanying them to the ring,

Carmella would ultimately become the breakout star of the trio.


Debuting on the Smackdown roster in 2016, Carmella got off to a slow 

start but a change of fortune would come rapidly after a heel turn on Nikki Bella later that year. Proving herself in the division, Mella would put her name on the map for good in 2017 by winning the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match becoming "Ms. Money in the Bank". After holding onto the contract for a record 287 days Carmella cashed in and won the title from Charlotte Flair. During her reign as Smackdown Women's, Carmella established herself as a top player for WWE and one of their most entertaining stars.


In 2018 Carmella would return to a babyface role partnering with R-Truth to form "The Fabulous Truth". With their signature "dance break" and antics involving the WWE 24/7 title, the duo became one of WWE's most popular acts.

Now back as a solo competitor on Smackdown only time will tell what's next,

but you can bet that Mella is money!


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